7 Critical Components of a Prepared Home Medicines Edition

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7 Critical Components of a Prepared Home Medicines Edition

Postby Ekiwinox » 16 Jul 2017 16:02


Start by identifying family members who have special needs and/or ongoing, long-term treatment in terms of medication.

Make a chart/sheet for each family member and identify what they need: The correct medicine, the amount needed/dosage, the quantity that is on hand, and a plan to attain more of it. BE SPECIFIC!

Shop the sources: Price is almost as important as quality…because you will need quantities.

Pet antibiotics: Yes, “protect the pets,” as I’ve explained in other articles. Pet amoxicillin, pet erythromycin, pet Praziquantel (Biltricide).

Vitamins/supplements: Concentrate on the multi-vitamins, and others that are crucial, such as Vitamin C. Again, you need to be sharp when it comes to quality and quantity.

Herbal/Naturopathic supplies: Here is where your research is going to be critical. DO NOT EXPECT TO BE “SPOON-FED” INFORMATION, especially by your photo-frame-phony-photo family physician.

OPSEC: Don’t allow anyone outside of the immediate family (and even with them…screen ‘em!) to know about your medicines.

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