Wage Slave Preps

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Wage Slave Preps

Postby Joe » 30 Aug 2008 11:35

If you want to discuss today's blog entry - this is the place.
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Re: Wage Slave Preps

Postby Copperhead » 30 Aug 2008 16:08

Hmmm.... good blog entry. That is a lot to think about. One can start on a lot of rabbit trails from it. After WWII, if somebody (anywhere in the world) wanted a refrigerator, he had to order it from the USA. Everyone else was bombed out. Fast forward to today at a time when we're losing 2,380 jobs a day. I conclude that we enjoyed a temporary, very unnatural blip of prosperity. The blog entry is just common sense, and prudence, that Americans have forgotten. It would just be good management to start implementing the suggestions; however, world forces are now in a very dynamic state. I'm just rambling now, but it seems to me that we are not currently in, what most people would consider, ordinary times. I'm as guilty as anybody. My family has been lulled to sleep by selfish consumerism but I realize it and keep myself temmpered by that realization. Whatever you decide to do, I'm not sure you have much time to do it?
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Re: Wage Slave Preps

Postby kuzushi » 31 Aug 2008 00:15

Very good. I was thinking the other day how behind I am if anything sudden were to happen. Food prep and other particulars. Money has always been the limiter for getting ahead in this situation. I needed to force myself to purchase some mylar and oxy absorbers and yet I have no problem picking up some overpriced energy drinks like Redbull and Amp. Comparative analysis -what preps would I get for spending the same amount on an item that is not really needed. I'm very tight on the money spending usually, just need the priorities switched up a bit. On the positive side, I'm fortunate in still being just young enough to take off to some destination.

Re: Wage Slave Preps

Postby jaeger » 31 Aug 2008 09:46

I think it's a great topic. About a year ago, some scumbag stole my checking account information and bought something quite expensive in Italy. Put me $300 in the hole. The bank was willing to put the money back, but only after 30 days. I had nothing and was going to have to wait 30 days.

It was tough. I switched banks and made a decision to get out of debt. I made my news years resolution to pay off all credit card debt and get current on anything that might have lapsed due to that incident. Two of the four cards are paid off and cancelled. The remaining two will be paid off by December. I have only a year and a half left on my car payments. That will only leave student loans, house, insurance and utilities and will free up around $1200 a month. I finally see a light at the end of a very turbulent tunnel. The weight I have already started to feel lift is incredible and I second Joe's comments (once again). Make the decision and get out of debt. Make your wages work for you.

After all, it IS your money. Don't you want to decide what to do with it?

Re: Wage Slave Preps

Postby Arenzael » 31 Aug 2008 12:21

At the beginning of the year, I removed the first weight from my baggage. My car payment. I started making extra payments and finally just through the rest of the principle down to pay it off. Not only did this mean no more payments, but it meant I could drop it to liability insurance. Full coverage for me is ridiculous simple because I'm a young male living on his own.

So, removing this one weight has freed up $415 dollars a month in payment and insurance. Also, at the same time, I feel liberated by the fact that the car is paid off, it's mine, it's going to be mine until it falls apart. A little while back we had some nasty hail, and I thought: Aw crap, it's going to dent my car. Then it dawned on me, who cares? I don't care how pretty my car is as long as it runs well, and it's no longer an 'investment' to be traded in for another car, which I would then undoubtedly make payments on again. The feeling of freedom was warm and fuzzy. I like it.

The next target is my Cabela's card, which is a wonderful thing that gives you cash back when you buy things, but will bite you in the butt if you don't pay it off every month. I haven't been too naughty with it, but it is a nuisance.
"For a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."
-Winston Churchill
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Re: Wage Slave Preps

Postby riverghost » 02 Sep 2008 19:58

Outstanding blog. In july we moved into a 120 yr old house on our family land. We have been around and seen alot now we are getting back to what matters. Not living that "fantasy" life but closer and more simple. The blog was really encouraging when it comes to wise spending as opposed to waste on "fun toys". I had decided I couldnt afford prep and getting our business started, but after this blog and Gustav (my side of the county still has no power, had to saw up three trees to get out this am) , I am going to drive on. I am also finding out that my wife is much more on board than I thought! Thanks again Joe.

Re: Wage Slave Preps

Postby Fusilier » 02 Sep 2008 22:43

Good blog. Thought provoking. Timely.
I had a dream of doing this back around 1980. Then... I got married. :roll:
Before getting married, I had gone and spent half a week at the "Mother Earth News Eco-Village" in North Carolina.
I bought books. Took classes. Learned homesteading skills.
Somehow, after marriage, I ended up living in Los Angeles. When I first moved in, I had 3 rabbits, six chickens, a flourishing deep-bed garden. I planted eight fruit trees. (I live in a nice neighborhood, so people jokingly called me "the Beverly Hillbilly). I used to maintain my own car.
Somehow, it all got derailed. My wife's mother, living with us, had the trees chopped down. My prefered lifestyle was an embarrassment to her family. They liked glitter, I reminded them of peasants, I suppose. (Shes gone now! ;) ) Then, I got too busy working, serving in the Reserve, and going to college. Children came. Bills. And the dream went by the wayside.
Well... its back! This time, my wife is starting to see the light.
We are living on a budget, but we are out of debt.
I'm looking for rural land. I already own 4 acres in California, but I prefer a place with trees, green grass and plenty of water. And nice neighbors. And no official fire season.
I've made three trips back to the midwest to look at homes/lots. I like Missouri. A vacation home/refuge/retirement home all rolled into one.
Meanwhile, I'm slowly turning back into the suburban farmer.
We're working a community garden, but I also want to develop our own again.
I've been spending money on things that can help us save money in the end. Got a tiller. A folding bicycle to help with the high cost of fuel. Bought a hand-turned "Wonder Washer" for small loads of laundry. Hung a clothes line up in the backyard.
Bought gardening tools. I try not to "go shopping" for entertainment. Got enough gear. (I'm still eyeing a Puma White Hunter Knife though). :roll:
I use the library rather than buying books. We cook at home more. I volunteer at some fascinating stuff (Lighthouse, Sailing Ships, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Red Cross, DMAT, State Defense Force) and call that both an education and good entertainment. I'm taking Locksmithing at an Occupational Center for next to nothing. About $45.00 a semester, plus a book and some tools! Think both a backup career and a survival skill. I believe in continual learning, so I take an occasional class at a nearby community college.
We have been without T.V. for about 6 months. Just had the service re-connected, but haven't turn it on yet. I'd like to drop our cell phones now that the kids are in college, but will wait until the contract is up.
And thats the news you can use!
Goodnight from the left coast! :D
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Re: Wage Slave Preps

Postby Harpoon » 04 Sep 2008 08:58

I think almost everyone thinks of this at one time or another. We bought land in CO 13 yrs. ago with this in mind.
Kids, jobs, and other worthless excuses always cropped up. Now the area, once rural, is slowing becoming the victim of urban sprawl.
We've kinda abandoned that plan and are looking closer to where we live in PA. Both kids are grown, things going along nicely. Boils down to cutting back on uneeded buying and finding the right locale.
Thanks for the entry, something everyone should read, but few would "get".

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