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Postby kmussack » 12 Aug 2017 13:39

Today after filing some important paper work, visiting great grandma with the baby and bathing the dog we took a break.

Whisky and darts. A friendly game that quickly becomes serious when the outcome is reduced to one dart.

Dad versus Andy......

Andy versus Dad......

A friendly game......until it came to winning and losing.

One dart will decide.....a bulls eye for Andy or a 20 for Dad.
Close, good try....but not good enough.

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My Wife Will Shoot Me If I Go Home Without Them.

Postby Ekiwinox » 12 Aug 2017 18:43

Keeps those eye hand targeting skills sharp without the expense of bullets.

Plus while practicing alone one can think, and think, and think.

I'm impressed by the lack of dart holes outside the board.

Does anybody bowl?

This looks like the greenhouse.

Great off season use of the green house. Almost like it was designed right for it. Screened so bug free too with fans and good light. Green House. Green Stamps.

When S&H Green Stamps, you spent all weekend filling those books but when you go to redeem them ha ha we are closed on Mondays, double stamps on Wednesdays, closed its doors I used all the filled books of stamps to exchange for 15, all they had, dartboards.

Somebody liked to throw darts and ate through boards.

My Wife Will Shoot Me If I Go Home Without Them. 1:05 to 1:18
Back when it was OK to say such things in commercials.
S&H Green Stamps Commercial "Supermarket" 1962

Sperry & Hutchinson Green Stamps
"The more you lick 'em, the more you'll like 'em,"
It was like egg money or pin money.
A little bit of something a housewife could purchase without using money from the household funds.
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