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A friend of mine sent me an Email about a guest piece on Saturday's Survivalblog by Max Velocity. It, as well as a couple previous ones covers the carry of gear to be an effective rifleman. It gave me a lot to think about in the selection and carry of my gear when doing patrols of the place which is my secondary bug out site. Of course they will be applied to my primary as well, but my secondary site is a bit more rural and rugged. There is still one to come, and I look forward to reading that one as well.
If you get a chance I suggest that you check it out. As I get older, things that he said made a great deal of sense to me as a prepared rifleman for my family and group. One thing I found interesting was the suggestion of less carried for simple patrols, and the use of ATV's and pack animals for support, resupply, and troop insertion and removal as well as evacuation of wounded for missions further out than normal area of operations for your retreat or base.

I need to get a few different items than what I was going to go with for this type of work, but it's all a learning curve when it comes to preparedness and survival. I hope that this thread helps some of you with your carry gear for support of your rifle. We need to be prepared and ready to go at a moment's notice, just like the minutemen of our early history.
"It has been said that preparedness and being prepared promotes fear. This isn't true.......being UNPREPARED is what promotes fear."
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