Some much needed gear.......and much needed rest.

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Some much needed gear.......and much needed rest.

Postby DIM TIM » 21 Jan 2017 21:19

Well, it's been two years of 16 hour days at work, but things are finally back to what passes for normal, and now I finally have the much needed rest mentioned in the title of this post. As such, this now means that I finally have time to get back in here to read and post, and to finally feel like I have a life other than work and sleep.
As to the gear, I finally got some much needed funds that were at my disposal. It has allowed me to get some gear that I have wanted to get for a long time now, but was slow in purchasing because of only having limited funds to do so. Of course there is still a limit to the funds that I have access to now, but it is on an order of higher magnitude compared to what I was working with before.

One of the items that I purchased was a Berkey water filter. It is one area in our preparedness that needed to be addressed. There are of course, many others. But, at least this one is covered as far as the basic needs of our preparedness for this particular subject are concerned. It will of course be expanded upon, and added to as time and the funds at my disposal allow.
All areas of preparedness for my family have been touched upon with these funds, and we are better prepared for emergencies at this point in time than we were this time a year or even two years ago.

So, I'm at a point where I can breathe a bit easier, but still must remain focused and alert to our surroundings. That is all part of being a prepper and survivalist. The adventure continues, and I'm happy to say I'm glad to be back and on course to help keep my family protected and taken care of. Of course there is still much to do... ;)
"It has been said that preparedness and being prepared promotes fear. This isn't true.......being UNPREPARED is what promotes fear."
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