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The Mora Knife

Postby kmussack » 12 Jan 2017 13:54

I've known of the Mora Knife for a long time but until now, I've never owned one. I've watched Youtube videos and read reviews about this knife and essentially they all come to the same conclusion. A lot of knife for a little money.

While I was in south Florida this week I stopped in at a Bass Pro Shop and saw several Mora Knives on the pegs and one model was marked $19.95 so I bought it.

The reviews are quite correct; this is a lot of knife for a little money. At $20 a piece I can get four of these knives for what I was paying for, my here to for favorite knife, the Ontario RAT-3.

Don't get me wrong, I love my RAT-3 knives and I have several dispersed across my various sets, kits and outfits. But so far I'm not seeing a $60 advantage to the RAT over the Mora in that they both fill the same niche.

While catching up on my PJF videos I mindlessly stroked the Mora on my Lansky diamond sharpener. After a very few minutes the Mora had reached a level of sharpness to rival a surgical scalpel. I was awed by its sharpness. The edge geometry is perfect for that level of sharpness required for fine slicing, skinning and filleting.

With its high performance to cost ratio, I won't be devastated if I break it, lose it or it gets confiscated by a member of the state security apparatus. I might just lay in a half dozen of them just because.

Special Caveat; I don't use a knife like this as a pry bar or a hatchet. It's for slicing, skinning, carving, cutting etc. You know, knife jobs.

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Re: The Mora Knife

Postby Nigel » 17 Jan 2017 17:42

This is a great knife for the price, Holds well, cuts well and fits tightly in the plastic sheath. Considering what you could pay for other Nordic knives it's a bargain.
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Re: The Mora Knife

Postby Joe » 18 Jan 2017 21:45

I got several like that one for around seven bucks from sportsmanguide
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Re: The Mora Knife

Postby DIM TIM » 21 Jan 2017 21:43

Got one for myself just recently. It is one of the stainless steel models, and I got it for use with my food prep tools that are part of my B.O.B. gear. I have a number of different knives for different preparedness and survival tasks, and decided that one of these in stainless was just what I needed for my food prep tasks. It will be used for this purpose only. They definitely are handy knives suited for a wide range of tasks no matter what the task or what they are made of, and of course the inexpensive price places them all within the reach of any prepper or survivalist. They really are quite good knives, and I count myself fortunate to have found them.
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