The Best Flashlight in the World! IMNHO

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The Best Flashlight in the World! IMNHO

Postby Ekiwinox » 11 Sep 2015 19:47

$1.00. One Dollar. One Hundred Pennies. It's Like Free! Batteries Included. Multiple Color Options Including Florescent Easy to See Colors and Dull Camouflage Colors. The flashlight lasts forever with zero care. "Check out those $1 flashlights at Walmart. 9 LED Flashlight with 3 AAA Batteries. They are multi colored. They already have batteries. They are way better than sliced bread. As a matter of fact they are great stocking stuffers" Keep a bunch handy at your back door to hand to people who leave after dark to find their way to their car. Tuck one into your carry on bag for a trip.

The secret to these flashlights is to look through them to find ones at the back or underneath. One might test them to make sure they work. But there is a bit of plastic as there is in many electronic items that has to be pulled first in order for the battery to make contact and work. So search out the non working ones and then pull out the plastic and test and then even put the plastic back to "save the battery" or whatever. $10 will get you 10 flashlights. Put flashlights everywhere. Toss them into the junk drawers of your loved ones. They will never notice. At the store these flashlights are loose not packed in a plastic card hanging. They have a wrist strap. Because they are so cheep they are worth $$$.
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Re: The Best Flashlight in the World! IMNHO

Postby Java MS » 12 Sep 2015 07:54

We keep several of these around. I can see two from my office chair, and my handy mini-Maglite, and a headlamp.
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