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Postby whls4legs » 08 Feb 2017 21:43

Have a little '91 Deere 870 with a loader and hoe. Very handy. Had it for 17 years and used it hard for the first few years. Fixing it, taking it apart, was easier when we were using it daily. It sits a lot more these days and is a bit rustier and harder to get apart. It needed a clutch and some seals three years ago, and you know where they hide the clutch. Horrible. Some jobs you should just trade out. It lives indoors, but still dried out and rusted up some from lack of use.

Wife has a '91 Ford 1920, 470 hrs, always been inside, still shiny. Looks like a little old blue and white Rambler, (that's a car for those who are not old), hiding in the barn. Cute. For a tractor.
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Re: Old tractors

Postby sinjar » 09 Feb 2017 10:01

Rich wrote:Loader hydraulics shouldn't be hard. I dismantled my cylinders and took the bad o-rings, wipers, and seals in and a hydraulics shop matched them all. Went ahead and bought 4 sets to do 2 cylinders immediately and the last 2 once they start leaking.

Took a lot of sweat and youtube videos to get the hydraulic cylinders apart. After 20 years the wire retainer was rusted inside. I had to hammer the collar around and pry the wire out piece by piece. Lots of penetrating oil and heat.

It hasn't been a problem due to mechanical difficulty but due to parts availability. I finally have the oil seals I need to repair the leak around the spools in the controller body (had to find a shop that could find someone who could make them, got them outta Florida, bought two spares to be safe). This should fix the loaders controls.

I also found a place to get the sealed bearings I needed to fix the leak on the hydraulic pump. I bought a spare also.

What started out as a $1000 plus problem (prices for new hydraulic pump and controller ) has turned into a $125 solution. Im pleased.

Once I shake this bit of sickness I have I'll wrap this project up.
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