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Re: Hauling Water

Postby Ekiwinox » 31 Jul 2017 18:10

They need to duct tape those babies up.
The handles appear removable for filling.
Some grease might help reduce wear.
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Re: Hauling Water

Postby kmussack » 23 Sep 2017 23:41

Our primary water source is municipal water. This water is pumped from deep wells approximately seven miles away, is treated and then delivered to a nearby water tower from which it is delivered to our home by water main.

In the event of a long term grid-down emergency it is reasonable to assume that those pumps would quit running and that eventually we would exhaust the water in the system and delivery would be curtailed.

Our secondary water source is a 117-foot deep well serviced by an hand operated sucker pump. Typically this potable water would be pumped into buckets which are then moved by human effort to where that water is needed.


We've modified that most basic method slightly through the use of a special hose adapter;

This adapter attaches by means of camming lugs to the outlet of the pump.

Once the adapter is in place a garden hose can be attached.

The garden hose can then be routed to that location where the water is needed thereby eliminating the effort required to "haul water".

This makes filling the bath tub or sink or other containers in the house a much simpler and less sweaty task.
Of course pumping is still required.
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