How much food?...Prove it!

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How much food?...Prove it!

Postby Generation 2 » 18 Jan 2017 18:22

I am preparing to assist a couple from church in developing their long term food storage program. Understanding that the husband is the Chief Pilot for a local company, and the wife is a retired chemistry professor (my old professor to boot), I figured that I should do some sort of analysis to justify the kind and amount of food they would look into stocking.

So, what better analysis to do than on my own long term food stocks!!

I decided to base the analysis on total calories stocked. Using either the labels on the containers or a very precise Google search, I calculated the calories per pound of a certain food and then multiplied this by the number of pounds I have. I then divided this by 2 people on a 2,000 Calorie per day diet…and poof! I derived the total number of days my wife and I could last on our long term storage food!!

Now…I had to make some assumptions and exclusions. I did this analysis simply on calorie content, and neglected all other nutritional value. Also…these calculations do not include any of the can goods we can ourselves or the two chest freezers that are full of Goose, Buck-o-saurus Rex, Beef, Chicken, Peter Cotton Tail, and Pork.

So…below is what I calculated:


As you can see, we are not quite at a 1 year supply yet...but I hope this method of food storage estimation will answer some questions in conversations to come.
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Re: How much food?...Prove it!

Postby kmussack » 19 Jan 2017 02:20

Great work.
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Re: How much food?...Prove it!

Postby Joe » 19 Jan 2017 09:33

Yes, good stuff.
I ran the numbers once for wheat beans rice and corn and figuring starvation diet (1,500-1,800 calories p day) it csme out that one bucket (about 33 lbs) equaled a light month worth of calories. Based on that, I consider one bucket per person per month minimum with add ins - game, plants, other food storage, etc
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