Feeding the Hungry

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Feeding the Hungry

Postby Joe » 30 Dec 2009 08:04

...props to AK47 for the idea for this post...

In the aftermath of a Big Bad Event (I'll call it a BBE - maybe it will catch on :) ) there will be lots of hurting people. WE will be squared away because WE have stored food. The SHEEPLE will be hungry. If I give MY food to the SHEEPLE - my daughter may starve to DEATH - so I gotta be hard.

Others say, "I will give til it hurts" but haven't thought through that when they feel the pain it could be death pangs for their own family.

Others have prepared "refugee meals" to hand out to the miserable masses that stream past their retreat - "Here, take this and move on". What happens if they DON'T move on? What if they set up camp across the road (or just down the road out of sight) and you become a soup kitchen. What happens when there is no more "soup" and you now have a mass of humanity right across the street? Hungry humanity.

In my travels I have met a few people who believe God laid it on their heart to prepare for others. In every case it was for Christians who never got or never listened to the Preparedness Message (Proverbs 6:6 is a decent place to begin) and were now running from "the Beast government" and needed some respite in the wilderness. They had a LOT of food put aside for others.

Where am I going with this?
I want to know what you think.
What you believe.
What you have seen or done.
What ideas you have.

I suspect there will be a wide variety of opinions on this matter so I ask you Vikings to be respectful of others' views - they have a right to an opinion that is very different from yours :)
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Re: Feeding the Hungry

Postby spiffy » 30 Dec 2009 08:50

I think it is such a dilemma, I have often thought that by handing out packages you have put by for the unprepared/starving you are making them aware you have stuff, will they believe you have "run" out of supplies when these packages are exhausted or will they just come on in and have a look for themselves, after all they are looking at their families starving too.
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Re: Feeding the Hungry

Postby azuris » 30 Dec 2009 09:08

I have a book by Ranger Benson titled survival retreat. He addresses such, among other things. There is really no right or wrong answer. In the end it is between you and God. Personally I think its best not for anyone to know your capabilities. These refugees are probably good souls that are in dire need of help. However that is a chance. Also are the sick, bringing god know what to you? Will they tell others about you? This is a very tuff question to answer. May God direct us all!
If you are capable to help in some small way, I would probability suggest leaving supplies where they can find them. Never making contact with them. This will make it alot easier to walk away from them if need be. just my 2 cents worth. Az

Re: Feeding the Hungry

Postby bbkaren » 30 Dec 2009 09:16

We have about 25 cases (12 four-serving packages each) of Ramens. We're not swimming in money; it's the best we could do considering our own preps aren't quite "there" yet.

Considering our proximity to New York City (~30 miles, and we're only 6 miles off a main highway although our home itself is tucked into the woods), I doubt our contribution will make much of a dent. Although I also doubt we'll have as many "passers-by" as many will in our area, who are on more heavily-traveled roads.

You bring up a couple good points:

Once you feed someone, mightn't they tell others (possibly armed?) you're a source of food and, at best, camp out near your home and come back for more (at worst, gather resources, storm your home and take all your stuff)? And with each group you feed, this risk multiplies?

Perhaps keeping the food off-site might work? ("We have nothing; but someone has been donating food and leaving it at the [church? community center?] and that's where we've been getting something to eat")("Oh and, please don't ever come back here; very soon we'll have to defend ourselves from people who mean us harm, and I would hate to mistake you for one of those people.")

The possibility of using these resources just for our neighbors also crossed my mind. Leaving a case of ramens on their doorstep to help, but not let them know we have "extra".

Making sure you lose weight at times like this would probably be wise...or at least keeping some oversized clothes on hand so it looks like you're suffering along with the sheeple.

This is such an uncomfortable conversation to be having... how to trick desperate people into thinking you're suffering with them and can't help them. But then I always heard, charity begins at home and we're responsible for our own family first.
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Re: Feeding the Hungry

Postby Campo » 30 Dec 2009 10:10

Growing up, I was always raised as an "Independent" survivalist. Nobody should know that your preparing....ever..... That's how I always thought until, I met other survivalists that showed me there is safety in numbers. A community is stronger than the individual....(Thanks Joe)

For those that fail to prepare and may wonder past my property, I will attempt to converse with them and try to gauge any skills they may be able to provide to a community. If it's something I/we can use, I will provide them a bit of food(an MRE, or a can of corn..etc) and offer a place to pitch a tent/make a shelter out in the back 40.. Or they can move on.

If I don't feel they can offer anything, or I get a bad feeling... I will explain to them that I have nothing and have to go out everyday searching to try and provide food for my family... It's been really hard because I have been unable to find anything in the last 5-6-10 days..etc... whaaa..whaaa..whaaa.... Is there any food you can give me?

If there are large groups going by, I'll just let them pass and if anyone asks me anything.. I'll beg food from them.. Hoping they'll just keep walking and ignore me...

Re: Feeding the Hungry

Postby AK47 » 30 Dec 2009 11:20

Point is, I'm going to decide when to be charitable and when not to. My dad is the kind of person who wants to give till it hurts. I'm still trying to break him of this. It has helped by him reading survivalist stories and books.

I know a Christian/Prepper who is spending 10 years in federal lodging. He shouldn't be there but that is another story. He says if this is where he is supposed to be than that is where he will resume his harvest. He says witnessing to people is easy. People are broken and ready to be filled with hope again.

Its going to be the same way. People will have a new outlook on life and death. They will be ready for you to offer help and while many people will expect/demand that you help them, many will I believe will actually be humiliated that they have to hold out their hand for help. Those are the people I want to help. The others will be placed by the roadside as examples. Like Joe said, You gotta be hard.

So how do you know the difference between those two types of people? You won't! At least not right away.

I believe you are going to have to install certain measures to be certain of who you are dealing with.

Four people approach your property and they need your help. Two men, Two women and a small child. They call out to the house and you answer because you're alert and you saw them approach.

How do you know they are alone?
They don't appear to be armed. How can you be sure they haven't been watching the property from a distance and they have someone else sitting 100 yards out in a clump of trees waiting for you to walk out the door before he puts a 5.56 mm round in your head?

I believe this is where you become hard.

Maybe you work out a system of watch duty at a hidden location on the property with someone keeping an eye over the most likely avenue of approach of a sniper who would want to cover a house entry way. Obviously communication with that person would be key to make sure he could let you know of any detectable dangers.

You let the 4 people who have come to you know that you would like to provide assistance to them but before you expose yourself that you have a rifle on them from inside the house and a rifle on them from an unseen perimeter guard as well. If anything should happen to you as you walk out to them, they will be cut down starting with the women and child first. Gotta be Hard. After that, you can ask them if they want to proceed? If they are of ill intent, they would hopefully panic and turn around and walk away.

If they insist that they are honestly in need of help and food then you can choose to help them according to your established protocol.

Life will be full of new realities during times like that. Its impossible to have all the answers but it can help to think ahead of time and test yourself on what you might do now.

Re: Feeding the Hungry

Postby Ziptie » 30 Dec 2009 11:53

This is a really tough one for me, I have been in a mental and moral tug of war over this for a long time. On one hand, I should be the charitable servant, but if I am, would I not put myself in the position to have to depend on the mercy of others, that might not be there? Then again, I need to protect me and mine above all else, for that is my purpose as a father, but does that put me in a position of passing judgment on those who played the little red hen role? It's not my position or right to punish those who didn't prepare, but is that what I would be doing by not sharing? If anyone comes up with a surefire answer, I'd really appreciate it...


Re: Feeding the Hungry

Postby Canning Girl » 30 Dec 2009 13:38

As a Christian, this is a very difficult question to answer. On the one hand, Jesus fed the 5,000 because he recognized their need, and He said "whatever you do for the least of these, you have done for me." On the other hand, there are 19 people in our family group, and I am doing my best to provide for them. Many, like my brother and his family and my aunt and uncle, cannot afford to help much with preps, so my parents, my sister, and I are the ones buying things to provide for all of us. When we started prepping early this year, my mother's position on this question of charity was that she had to help her neighbors, that she couldn't watch them or their children starve. I have worked hard to dissuade her of this opinion by pointing out that if she gives all of our food away, she will have to watch helplessly as her 7 grandchildren starve. She has come around to my way of thinking.

I guess the peace I have come to on this issue is that I am doing what I can to provide for my extended family; I can't feed the entire world. The rest of the "sheeple" have had the same chance that I have had to prepare before TEOTWAWKI, and if they have chosen to go shopping or to the movies instead, then the culpability is theirs, not mine. I will be hard when hard is required so that the 3 children God has entrusted to my care don't starve. If I am wrong, if denying others is a sin, then I beg the Lord's forgiveness.
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Re: Feeding the Hungry

Postby Modestia » 30 Dec 2009 19:51

I just finished reading The Road, and I kept thinking about how the first ten years post disaster must have gone down (shudders). It would have been a blood bath.

I think charity may be the right and christian thing to do early on. If the event (like an EMP pulse) is big enough to cause a mass die-off, then the worst thing you could do is let someone know that you have food. People talk and once word gets around that you have food when people are starving to death...
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Re: Feeding the Hungry

Postby tdale » 30 Dec 2009 20:36

Aside from doing what feels right (feeding hungry people,) I think you would be taking a risk each time you give a refugee food after the BBE. Even if you do it away from your personal homestead, someone will decide to follow you when you leave because you're a person with stuff. They'll think, "Hmm, he's giving away stuff here, he's not taking stuff for himself, he must have stuff. Let's go find out where his stuff is." Then it's over because people will know you have stuff, will find your stuff and eventually will take your stuff. Someone will probably stumble upon your stuff eventually, why give them a head start?

Man I sound really stingy. But I'm just trying to think about it logically. The problem is, if you don't give out stuff in order to keep people from taking your stuff, then how to you grow and strengthen your community? I don't think you can without risk. So, you either gamble or you don't gamble. I don't think you can truly engineer out all of the risk.
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