The Perfect Barter Item? SPAM

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The Perfect Barter Item? SPAM

Postby Ekiwinox » 21 Oct 2017 19:57

Hawaii has a bit of a run on SPAM as it is not behind locks as is cigarettes and baby formula. Thus Unpurchased SPAM is acquired that is quickly resold on the street because who does not like SPAM? Difficult to work up as much barter excitement for mangels. ""Scarcity root" the plant was able "to constantly thrive, and to produce a very great crop, even when other kinds of roots and vegetables fail"." Another good item for trade as it can be immediately sold for cash is apparently "liquid laundry detergent Tide".

Every year Ball puts out a new canning book with great pictures and the latest canning information. Apparently all of the information in last years canning book is now outdated and one needs to purchase a brand new one each year.

In 1943, the government noted the Victory Garden effort was going to need five billion glass jars. Manufacturers were going to be able to make half a billion glass jars. The government pamphlets stated specifically women were urged to "This is a call to round up all glass jars ... new and old ... Every glass jar in cellar, attic, or cupboard, that can do a job for home canning this summer."

Thanksgiving some family members have requested my famous "Lemon Breasted Turkey". If anyone wants I can send the secret old family recipe.

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Re: The Perfect Barter Item? SPAM

Postby Joe » 21 Oct 2017 21:50

Spam is made of pork
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Re: The Perfect Barter Item? SPAM

Postby kmussack » 30 Oct 2017 05:47

Margaret Thatcher referred to Spam as:
"A Wartime Delicacy"

Nikita Krushchev declared;
"Without Spam we wouldn't have been able to feed our army."

Following WWII a kosher variant of Spam was produced called Loof (meatloaf). A Glatt kosher version was part of IDF rations until 2009.

Classic Spam is made of: pork, ham, salt, water, potato starch, sugar, and sodium nitrite.
One 12 oz. can provides 1,054 calories with plenty of fat and protein.

Spam is a terrific storage food that requires no refrigeration.
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