Such Beautiful Pantries and So Well Stocked

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Such Beautiful Pantries and So Well Stocked

Postby Ekiwinox » 15 Mar 2017 22:57

Such Beautiful Pantries and So Well Stocked in so many House Beautiful youtubes.

Yet I see no guardrails to prevent the food from shaking off of the shelf and shattering on the ground in an earthquake. All food storage shelves should have a curb and guardrail and also elastic bands or stocking safeguarding the jar from shocks as standard operating procedure. That to me makes a pretty picture of a well stocked larder.

Also using only one preservation techinque freaks me out. There could be possibly 17 different food preservation techinques or hundreds more. Some people select one or two such as freezing and canning. Freaks me out. Each item has maybe three best ways to preserve. Freezing and canning may not be it. Also just because it says in a youtube that this or that works one might want to look at the latest book available for a few bucks in the canning section of Walmart or online by the government. Not all youtubes or websites show safe ways to preserve food. Think dehydration and wild fermentation such as sauercraute and root cellars as food preservation techinques which are tons traditional.
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Re: Such Beautiful Pantries and So Well Stocked

Postby Joe » 22 Mar 2017 07:29

I like those pics as well
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