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Re: Next Year's Garden

Postby Ekiwinox » 02 Nov 2017 23:43

"My Son purchased some additional acerage adjoining his property.
We're "spit-ballin" about a commercial fruit & vegitable enterprise.
Workin' the ground beats workin' in a factory or office anytime."

My guess is you have already seen the youtubes by "Urban Farmer Curtis Stone". You may have posted about him here which is why I now watch him too.

My guess is you both have other skills which by the hour earn more than "a commercial fruit & vegetable enterprise". My guess is it seems logical to learn how to grow lots of food now so that if you need to grow a lot of food later you already have worked out the kinks.

What I see.

Down the street from me a bit of land had a super attractive vegetable sales cart unmanned on it right next to the garden. Recently it had a sign saying the vegetable sales were going to pay for college education of young people associated with the garden.

You will have times of the year where produce production is massive and you will have excess. Value can be gained by not wasting produce that might be thrown away by having many produce processing methods in you back pocket ready to go.

Method one is dehydrate.

Method two is lacto ferment.

Method three is share generously. Some people share back vegetables at other times of the year. Good people to know.

Zucchini Bread.

I am presently dealing with a glut of four cases of commercial not the nice like you would be growing tomato.

I have shared massively and these people are glad to get and at later dates share other things I can not get, mostly I ferment these things and pass them on to vegetarians. In the past dehydrated, used fresh, going to bring a ton of gazpacho which is a cold soup to a veggie meet, might bring a juicer too and beforehand juice fresh right there for the people, some countries have tomato fights, roast, slow cooker, or freeze. You might have such a glut that you need to use all of the methods at once to make the best use of the crop. For tomatoes the best way to use up a ton of them is to make lacto fermented tomato paste. I have not done this yet. Use the juice as the liquid component in making pizza dough. Use the paste on top. Flavor.
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Re: Next Year's Garden

Postby Hawk45 » 26 Nov 2017 13:47

Covered the entire garden with mulch yesterday except the still producing turnip greens. Got two quart containers ready for the freezer yesterday, plus a large 'mess' to eat.
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