Growing-Roasting-Storing Green Coffee Beans

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Growing-Roasting-Storing Green Coffee Beans

Postby eossipov » 14 Oct 2017 10:02


I was just researching some green coffee beans and happened along a few videos where people are staring to grow their own coffee here in the states, and i was curious if anyone here has done this/is doing this?

One of my best friends when I went to the U was from Hawaii, I went to visit with her one Christmas and her brother worked at/managed a coffee house on the Big Island. I remember him showing me how to roast, it was a very simple process, the hardest part seemed to be the difference between done and burned which was very quick. Of course he had the commercial roaster, similar to what they used to have in costcos.

They say the green beans can be stored, like any dry bean, for 20 years. whereas the roasted/ground beans store for a much shorter time. Guess i'm not that picky cuz much of my coffee, I'm sure is stored for longer than what they recommend to be the longest stored time.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Here's a video on how to roast simply using a popcorn popper

here's a link to where one can purchase coffee plants - seems that keeping them above 40degrees is the key. ... offea.html
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Re: Growing-Roasting-Storing Green Coffee Beans

Postby whls4legs » 14 Oct 2017 12:42

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I store a little green coffee. I don't believe coffee plants will thrive in my zone.

I started with some pre-canned, then sought out some bulk, (and that was dizzying, I just wanted some normal coffee). Settled on 3 gal buckets, (Uline), with mylar bags and O2 absorbers. Easily 20 yr shelf life, probably 2x that.

I've roasted some in small batches. It's not an indoor sport. The smoke is oily, has tremendous hang time, and you will become unpopular. I have not tried the corn popper. I have done it in the oven. No control, smoke was terrible. 12"cast iron pan on gas rangetop. Good control, still, even with commercial Vent-a-Hood, smoke was too much. Gas grill was at least outside, but adequate heat was an issue, and it gobbled up propane.

In the '90s, in a local mall was a pre-chain snooty coffee place that had a huge open roaster, 6 or more feet across, iron, nicely fitted continuous center driven steel sweep. 3 or 4 inches deep in beans. Made its way around every minute or so. Continuous movement.

Oldest put legs on a crummy rocket stove, oldish dutch oven, the enameled kind, (the white innards make the beans easier to see, and that matters), easy fire, you're not welding, wooden spoon, and your full attention. Fry/roast to taste. I stop just before the second crack, set pot on couple bricks and stir until the cooking stops. The second crack will begin, then quit. Large batch. It's a process regardless of how much you cook off. So do a reasonable amount. This was the magic for coffee, and it's since dismantled and stuck away in a protected corner. With notes.

Years ago, while in the Kansas City area, I had occasion to visit the older, working part of town. Folgers had a small plant that produced freezed dried coffee, and a smell that permeated the area neighborhoods that would get you off coffee forever.

Regardless, between the rationing of your stash, and what it take to get to a hot cup, you'll be drinking a lot less coffee.
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