60 Degrees tomorrow!

Veggies, Fruits, and yes - wild edibles too

60 Degrees tomorrow!

Postby Joe » 04 Feb 2017 20:40

hard to hold back planting.....
But it will freeze again over night for a few nights next week.

My wife planted a bunch of something.....she told me what while I was working online and I mumbled, "uh-huh" but have little idea what she planted. Some starts of something - placed under cloches.

Garlic and onions are coming up.
Old Farmer Bob nearby has turned his soil.....

Gotta love the Ozarks
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Re: 60 Degrees tomorrow!

Postby whls4legs » 07 Feb 2017 07:56

70+ here today, maybe record breaker. We're planting apples and blueberries, taking advantage of it. Lettuce and cabbage family next couple weeks, jump start in greenhouse. Still, April 15 is our 'last frost date', and I've seen it.

February pruning, maybe too late. Still, neat weather for Feb. May pay for it later, but for now, it's nice.
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Re: 60 Degrees tomorrow!

Postby Hawk45 » 09 Mar 2017 16:32

74 here today, and snow is expected Saturday night. I love spring.
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