4 days, 3 nights camping

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4 days, 3 nights camping

Postby MarkoSerbia » 13 Jul 2017 13:09

few days ago I got back from camping. My camping location is my potential bug out location so this time I decided to load 100 liter backpack and test my stamina. weight of backpack was around 50 kilograms with only 2 liter canteen. Reason I don't carry more water with myself is because I camp near cleanest river in Europe, and there are at least 8 springs in area. So I have 3 hours drive and then 5 to 6 km walk depending where I choose camping site. Backpack became heavy, really heavy after 2 km. Terrain is rough, in some parts uphill I was fighting with gravity. that heavy backpack wanted to roll me downhill :) but I manage to get on site with only 2 short breaks and I really enjoyed in nature.

- 50 kg in backpack is really heavy. ( usually for camping I use smaller backpack and it weights around 25 to 30 kilograms)
- I need to lose weight, I'm a big guy, I have a lot of strength, but need to work on endurance.
- must learn fly fishing (river is full with big trouts, although only sport fishing is allowed, and you must release all fish, in emergency situation, that would be great food source)
- I should bury small plastic container or barrel somewhere in woods and keep there stuff like paracord, tarp, knife, fire kit, fishing kit, mess kit, folding saw etc.

I hope you guys also enjoy in nature from time to time. :)
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Re: 4 days, 3 nights camping

Postby Ekiwinox » 13 Jul 2017 16:54

I commend you for this effort. This was very good for you to do.

First thought is did you tell two people where you were going exactly and when to expect you back? Responsible people who cared if you got back.

50 kilograms equals 110.2311311 pounds!?!. Did I do the math wrong?
Please either tell me I did or transport me to the beginning of the trail
to go through the pack item by item with MarkoSerbia.
Twisted ankles, etc. Just Say No!
Walking slower is better than faster.
At first I thought 50 kilograms is maybe about 50 pounds.
Going to have to get that to more like 25 at first and work to 20 pounds.
Foot wear was either light weight or sturdy boots with lots of brand new fluffy liners?

Were you alone? Did you check in twice a day with somebody who was expecting your call? Did they have instructions of what to do if you did not call in by an hour later?

"cleanest river in Europe" you still filter it right?

My personal item, a reference to the television show Survivor would be an extra water bottle even in this water rich area. Weird but that is me. Especially if hiking alone.

6 km equals 3.72823 miles.
I wonder how much of the population could do this with that pack?
Or even without a pack.

"only 2 short breaks" I hereby give you permission to take longer and more frequent breaks. Did you bring pain medication? I bet the day after things hurt.

Cool math trick: Converting between miles and kilometers
multiplying by 6, dividing by 10
https://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/wilde ... kilometers

There must have been items you decided to not carry next time.
I would like to hear that list.
It would help us all.
Plus it is fun.

Oh, I really like that you included a "conclusion:"

"need to lose weight" eh. If it happens, it happens. I'd rather see you not get hurt exercising. Better the weight than an injury. Keep feet placement in mind not speed. Those that do not do not fare well.

"must learn fly fishing" This is a place to put your energy. I think you will so enjoy catching and releasing fish. The pursuit of of better places to fish will naturally help you to put in time in nature and miles. Bring a friend or two or three. Maybe there is already somebody doing this who needs somebody to join them? If you are fishing and see somebody else fishing five miles from the nearest road offer them a cold bottle of beer. Chat. Chat. Chat. These are your people. Exchange information and keep up contact with them. People you meet five miles from the nearest road have already self selected themselves as potential people who you want to know better and who want to know you better. A good use of pack weight would be delectable edibles to share. Beef jerky, fine cheese of two types, crackers, olives, pretzels, Devil Dogs, mustard with salami to dip into it with. Fine cigar. A yell across the pond of "Hey, you want a cold beer?" would be a great start.

"I should bury small plastic container" Yes. Think heavy items. Also I have helped bury a tiny cooler in a back yard for a treasure chest birthday party. Removing containers from the ground that have been buried is not fun. Not fun at all. Almost impossible.

You really got a massive amount of value out the the trip you took.

I also get the idea that you really enjoyed it.

If you try to invite others we have found that one can invite a zillion people and a tiny bit will say yes and an even tinier bit will actually show up and of those most will before you get to camp have an issue to turn around. This is normal.

I enjoyed your post and had fun replying to it.

I know zero about Serbia. Is there something I should know about it?
I'm thinking the old housewives know how to preserve food using the old methods.
Any information you would like to share about preserving cabbage or other garden vegetables or preserving grain or meat, etc. I would greatly enjoy hearing about.

I pretty much know zero about Serbia.
Maybe less than zero.
I am 100% uneducated about Serbia.
I am surprised I am even talking to a person that lives in Serbia.
Nice to meet you.
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