Commonly missing items from the average BoB

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Commonly missing items from the average BoB

Postby neijeaton » 11 Feb 2017 02:49

As I observe the various BoB show and tells on the vast interweb. 2 things bother me.
#1, when someone shows of their blades and chopping tools what is commonly missing are a sharpening stone and possibly a file.
#2, when showing of a firearm. Where is the cleaning kit?
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Re: Commonly missing items from the average BoB

Postby Kolt » 11 Feb 2017 04:49

I would both agree and disagree with you depending on the context of your definition of a BOB.

BOB is a common term and means different things to different people.

IMO, the most common terminology for a BOB is a 72 hour bag to get from your current location to your BOL.

Within this context, I do not believe you would need a sharpening stone or a cleaning kit. If you did, you should have the skill to sharpen your blade from what is found in nature, based on your environment and as long as you kept your weapons protected from the elements, I doubt you would be carrying enough ammo to dirty a contemporary firearm (Glock, AR or similar) enough to require a cleaning.

Now, if you are talking something like a 'lone wolf' bag to go live the rest of your life in the woods and take on whatever comes, then yes, those two items might be useful.

It is all about context in my opinion.

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Re: Commonly missing items from the average BoB

Postby Pilgrim52 » 11 Feb 2017 17:34

While I agree with Kolt about context, I also have to commend neijeaton's thought processes. It's not difficult to see something that shouldn't be there, but it takes a special kind of mind to see something that isn't there but perhaps should be. ;)
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