compound bow and english long bows

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compound bow and english long bows

Postby mosby's men » 14 Nov 2017 18:47

for years i shot a 70 lb compound bow i was pretty good at it so good it stopped being fun . i would shoot 2xs4's the narrow side facing me at different ranges.
well i put the compound bow in its case and forgot about it for a few years when i pulled it down to shoot a few arrows i found that some time while it was
sitting in the case the bow string gave way .

which got me to thinking after it hit the fan ,the bow was usless without the abiltiy to make new bow strings.
so i started watching youtube videos on bow string making which turned into videos on making english long bows and flemish bow strings.

so NOW i am making a english long bow from red oak boards i got at lOWES basicly all the videos say your going to screw up your first few bow making attemps so start with cheap
boards rather than good staves.
so far it is going rather well i am tillering the bow now .

anyway i bought a 50 dollar long bow off of ebay to play with while i am making my own bow .
so here is a few things i have learned so far.
while i never need a arm guard when shooting a compound bow , it is a must shooting the long bow .
i shoot the compound bow held vertically and the long bow is held in a cant so that my elbow stays pointing the correct way .
at 20 yards shooting without sights i have to aim 8 to 10 " low shooting the long bow.

i have the "JIG" all layed out for making flemish bow strings i hope to drill the board to fit the pegs in tomorrow and start making bow strings.
which new leads me to the fact that i need to start making arrows plenty of you tube videos on that also .
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Re: compound bow and english long bows

Postby Joe » 15 Nov 2017 10:14

So cool
This will be a great skill to have and I could see you setting up shop after teotwawki, Mosby Bowman
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Re: compound bow and english long bows

Postby Hawk45 » 15 Nov 2017 15:19

I need to get my recurve back out and see if I can even still pull it! Crossbow has me spoiled. LOL
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