How to check ATF (hint I've been doing it all wrong)

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How to check ATF (hint I've been doing it all wrong)

Postby Rich » 24 Jul 2016 17:19

I've asked several of my friends and not one has given me the correct answer. I figured out that I was doing it wrong after I began to think my transmission was going out and started investigating, only to realize my fluid level was low (in spite of me checking the incorrect way and seeing it in the band).

1. Warm up car with a long drive, at least 15 mins but better at around 30 min. You want the engine and tranny at normal operating temperature.
2. Park on a level surface.
3. Shift the automatic from drive to reverse and every other gear and then into park. Leave the car running!!
4. Pull dipstick. If smeared, clean and then re-insert to pull it back out. The lowest bare spot is your reading and you are looking at the top marks (hot).

I've only had a few automatics in my time and didn't generally keep them around long. Still embarrassing that I was worried about a tranny replacement and it was really just a low level...

I was checking it without being fully warmed up, not running, and without shifting through all the gears. I wound up having to add more than 1 quart of fluid which solved my hesitation.
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Re: How to check ATF (hint I've been doing it all wrong)

Postby Kolt » 24 Jul 2016 18:16

I saw the title and thought you were referring to the other ATF.

Oh well.

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