Water on the Road? Just Say No!

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Water on the Road? Just Say No!

Postby Ekiwinox » 02 Jan 2016 23:00

Maybe a topographical map can help out here.

It is night time. You are here and you need to be there. Yes there are storms. Yes it is raining and everything is wet and the roads are not draining well. But "What'cha Gonna Do?" The world can not stop just for a little rain. It is not like it is snow thus one has a bit of a reason to not attend scheduled events. Everybody else is attending. It is so difficult to realise that today is not the same as yesterday. To realise things need to be measured differently today. We have all probably driven through water that was just a bit deeper than we thought it was. Not much one can do other than keep on going, keep on going, keep on going. Stopping is not a good idea either. There might be cars in front of you. You might be in a line of traffic. There might be cars right behind you in line. You might be sort of stuck in the line of traffic and committed. "What'cha Gonna Do?" Have you ever driven through water that was deeper, deeper, deeper than you thought it was going to be? Like you do not want the water to come in through the bottom of the doors. And it is not just you. You have a couple of kids in there. Some might be secured into car seats.

The only way I know of to avoid this is to Just Say No way before it gets to being out in this type of weather. Check the weather. Sometimes decide to take an unpopular stance in the decision to skip an event or possibly to just stay at work.

The statistics I heard say that all but one that perished in the recent flood were due to traveling in cars through water. Thus the reason for my post. Improperly evaluating risk is not something we want to do. Many want to take great efforts to avoid the sexy causes of death while forgetting it is the simple things that are way more likely to get us. I sort of think that the ability to do a correct, fact based, non emotional, risk analysis is what this board is all about. No idea how I can prevent even myself from driving through that little puddle on the road because I so need to get to the other side for some made up in importance reason.
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Re: Water on the Road? Just Say No!

Postby Java MS » 03 Jan 2016 14:19

Turn around, don't drown. It is more than a good saying.
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