Failed brake lines, go with Copper Nickel!

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Failed brake lines, go with Copper Nickel!

Postby Rich » 27 Dec 2015 18:50

My 2001 truck with more than 250k miles had the brake line fail behind the fuel tank a couple of weeks ago. I noticed the spongey pedal as soon as I cranked it and so I didn't leave the driveway (isn't God good?!?). I did some research and decided that Copper Nickel lines were the best choice for replacement. They won't rust and are easier to fabricate. Dropped the fuel tank this Saturday and finished putting in the replacement line, about 18' of it.

Just thought I would mention it to any of you keeping old vehicles on the road. The steel will just rust and fail again. Stainless is too hard to flange. I bought a cheap inline flange kit on Amazon and watched a few YouTube videos before making the flanges. Couldn't be any easier!

Already checked the rest of the stock steel lines and they are all in some stage of decay so I have already ordered material to make replacements for each of them.
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Re: Failed brake lines, go with Copper Nickel!

Postby Joe » 28 Dec 2015 16:30

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