Anyone using 4 wheelers for farming?

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Anyone using 4 wheelers for farming?

Postby Rich » 25 Apr 2015 14:15

Need to borrow, and failing that buy, a 4 wheeler to spray 30 acres this fall. If I have to buy I'm thinking a Honda rancher as that should give me the weight capacity to carry a spray tank on the back. Not sure 2 wheel vs 4 wheel drive. Also not sure if I want an electronic shift. I'd prefer manual but I'm sure my wife wants an automatic.

Any problems to look out for? Definitely will be buying old and probably broken as the budget will be slim. Basically going to take what I would have to pay someone else to do it for and then buy a quad to do it myself.
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Re: Anyone using 4 wheelers for farming?

Postby sinjar » 25 Apr 2015 15:23

I don't own a quad since our property is only 5.75 acres. But I have used a ton. I would definitely opt for a 4x4. Even if that means a few $ more. It'll give you more use year round. My neighbor plows his 700 foot driveway with his quad....just an example.

Craigslist has great deals all The time. That may be worth looking at. Same with estate sales and garage sales.
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Re: Anyone using 4 wheelers for farming?

Postby Joe » 26 Apr 2015 14:31

We have two and they are a big help.
One is 2wd and the other 4wd - both work fine.
Paid $500 and $3,000 for them and they were worth every penny for us.

We are spread out on a lot of land and use them for chores - getting from Point A to Point B and carrying stuff like water, hay, feed and so on. We don't plow or spray or anything like that. We are thinking off getting a little cart/trailer that goes behind - both have hitches.
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Re: Anyone using 4 wheelers for farming?

Postby mometal77 » 30 Apr 2015 05:12

Craigslist is my friend... i was looking then a buddy retired navy/millwright said he has a 150cc he got from schucks before they went under. I made payments it works and can haul out back on the logging road that is connecting my land for my hydro set up. Can carry over 80 feet at one time and it works great just have to be careful over going around corners over it is posi track. They are coming out with other versions from china for 2500 here a 250 that looks awesome vs if you have ever priced out a 8000 honda/suzuki or polaris... i would go cheaper but look at the power too what is your need if a bigger 4x build or buy a smaller trailer to pull it with and a cheap winch. From harbor freight or northern tool.
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