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Ingenuity at work

Postby Kolt » 02 Aug 2017 17:05

This video came up during class today in a course I'm taking:

I thought I'd pass it on.

Take care,
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Re: Ingenuity at work

Postby Ekiwinox » 02 Aug 2017 20:37

That was fun.

Did they the class mention LinkedIn? When I express doubts people are massively
confused. I do however enjoy using LinkedIn and Facebook to look up other

There is also a program used in high schools. Instead of a student's guidance
counselor getting to know the student by sitting down and chatting a few times
and reading what the students, teachers and parents have filled out by hand on
forms the system now mandates one big online file all about the student. Ummm.
No. Maybe students sign into the system on the first day of class? Would we know? It is part of how the system of how the school works. Just like those Free TV screens that give them their morning advertising before school announcements.
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