Leaks in the White House

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Leaks in the White House

Postby Ekiwinox » 02 Mar 2017 08:44

It is possible it is not a person. Printers and copy machines keep a record of all they print or scan don't they? The information of what the machines print can be retrieved. For all we know a shadow copy machine is set off site right down the street printing hot off the press all that is printed at the White House. Also doesn't everything have to be archived? That could happen immediately automatically. Who is sitting right there reading it? Even wedding RSVP'S are lightly pencil marked on the back for easy identification. Maybe information is given to a translator for easy access like phone TTY ?? Phone type stuff for hearing impaired. Gosh just slip a different spelling error into each copy. Effective. I got plenty more.

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Re: Leaks in the White House

Postby snypr_212 » 22 Mar 2017 10:58

Another area to consideration is the threat that Private Contractors pose to national security. While the Intelligence Services and the various law enforcement agencies are constrained by the Constitution (or should be) private Contractors doing service work have access to highly classified materials and may violate Constitutional restrictions to gather intel which may give them an advantage in the lucrative market place of the Military Industrial Cooperative. As anyone that has worked in sensitive fields knows, the more people that have access to the information, the larger the threat of leaks. It's compounded exponentially. While many Contractors are reputable, building their business on reliability and discretion, there are those that work in those companies that may not have the same scruples. Humans are human after all, and since there doesn’t seem to be any accountability for leaked information I believe more leaks will be coming whenever there is an agenda to be followed, or money to be made.

Just my two cents.
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